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the sports watch for the fanatic (ADV)

Apple recently announced the Apple Watch Ultra. With this smart sports watch, your iPhone doesn’t have to go to the mountains or the beach, because you can be reached anytime and anywhere with T-Mobile Multisim on your Apple Watch Ultra!

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The combination: Apple Watch Ultra and T-Mobile Multisim

It’s been less than two weeks since Apple announced it, and now you can buy it everywhere: the Apple Watch Ultra. With this smartwatch, intended for fanatics, world travelers and people who love extreme sports, you are healthy and connected everywhere.

The Apple Watch Ultra has GPS + Cellular as standard. In combination with Multisim from T-Mobile, you can use this sports watch to make calls and send text messages (provided you have coverage, of course). In this article we summarize the most important things for you.

1. New big design and huge battery

The target group of the Apple Watch Ultra is clear: (extreme) athletes and adventurers. This can be seen in the design of the Apple Watch Ultra. It has a titanium housing and a scratch-resistant sapphire glass flat screen. The latter is even thicker and therefore much stronger than the glass of the other Watches. So he can certainly take a beating.

But even more is possible. With this smartwatch you can go deep sea diving or climb the mountains. In combination with T-Mobile Multisim, you will never get lost with this Apple Watch Ultra, because it has its own mobile network connection. Your iPhone does not have to be nearby.

2. Apple Watch Ultra has temperature sensor

Apple keeps coming up with all kinds of sensors to monitor your health and environment. For example, it can make heart films and automatically call the emergency services if you fall. Apple has now made a final addition: a temperature sensor. This is primarily useful for women, because it allows them to keep track of their menstrual cycle. On the Apple Watch Ultra, however, this sensor has another practical function.

As soon as you go into the water with an Apple Watch Ultra, it switches to a swim mode. Because you can no longer control the touchscreen of the Watch underwater, you only get to see important information. And one of the data is the water temperature. This is especially useful for swimmers and divers because they can better estimate how long they can stay in the water. By the way: a pressure sensor is also integrated.

crash detection apple watch

3. Crash Detection: a feature you’ll never want to use

With the new Crash Detection function, your Apple Watch Ultra with Multisim from T-Mobile automatically calls the local emergency number after a car accident. The Watch also immediately transmits your location from the GPS. Crash Detection works through an improved accelerometer and gyroscope in your Apple Watch. These can register movements four times faster than their predecessors. On previous models, these sensors already enabled functions such as fall detection.

If you have an Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular with Multisim from T-Mobile, you don’t even need to bring your iPhone to use this function. You can then call and send messages without your phone. This is how this Crash Detection can save your life! Handy for the Apple Watch Ultra anyway, because Crash Detection will also work in some extreme sports.

iphone esim vs physical sim card

Always available with T-Mobile Multisim

What is Multisim from T-Mobile? With this subscription, which costs 5 euros on top of your existing subscription, you can travel without a phone and stay connected with the world. All this via your smartwatch!

This is because with a T-Mobile Multisim subscription you use a second, virtual SIM card in the Apple Watch. This subscription also works with the Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular or the new Apple Watch Series 8 and SE with the Cellular option.

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