Zepp Z review: elegance in favor of connectivity

The Zepp brand is a name that is still unknown on the French market. In order to seduce a potential public eager for new products, the manufacturer is highlighting its Zepp Z smartwatch. A product with an elegant design, sometimes surprising choices but guaranteed reliability. MeilleurMobile has tested it and gives you its verdict.


Design: elegance at first glance but mistrust

With its latest connected watch, the brand has opted for trompe l’oeil. Under the name Amazfit, the design of the products was undoubtedly a little more standardized. The Zepp Z breaks free from the trend to offer a very elegant visual appearance at first. The choice of a leather strap is not trivial in this market. It is a proof of confidence in the quality of its materials to seduce. However, be careful with maintenance after several months, leather is a product that must be taken care of and maintained regularly.

Zepp Z design

The case is a titanium alloy. The choice of metal is another proof of confidence for the Chinese brand. The latter focuses above all on the design of its product. The pretty dial consists of three buttons on which it is possible to interact. You will see it later, the deal is a little less simple. In terms of dimensions, the case offers an ideal size so that it does not bump into your wrist.

The brand even leaves the possibility of changing the bracelets as needed. It is possible to switch from leather to plastic according to your desires and this very simply. Of the three buttons mentioned above, the one placed at the top may be the cause of your misunderstandings. It is a touch button to configure for use with the dedicated Zepp application. This is undoubtedly the button the least used. The one in the center is rotatable, allowing you to navigate among the watch menus. The last one at the bottom directs you to sports activities.

Ergonomics: the smartwatch designed for all aspects of everyday life

In terms of ergonomics, the Zepp Z is no fancy. The screen is tactile, the buttons mentioned above are the main interfaces, a heart sensor is located under the case. The latter is also the location dedicated to charging for the connected watch. The product is therefore comfortable to wear on the wrist and remains sufficiently discreet for the night.

The main means of interaction on this smartwatch remains its touch screen. The brand chooses a 1.39-inch AMOLED panel with a display resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. Performance largely sufficient to take a look at the dial without having to search too long. The brightness, an always important point, is sufficient. In direct sunlight, you will have no trouble looking at the interface.

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The interface: a connected watch that is fairly intuitive to use

In navigation, the screen large enough to slide your index finger. Connecting to a phone is easy. The QR Code displayed allows you to download the Zepp application to create your account and enter your data.. Once this step is done, the Z is able to follow you in all aspects of your day.

It has a small panel of dials to choose from according to your tastes. It is not really possible to download third-party software to make custom wallpapers. Indeed, the Zepp Z is a connected watch that does not work under Wear OS. The Chinese brand prefers to put its own in-house system in which it has total control. Even if for daily use, the builder applies recipes as old as the world.

The thumbwheel button thus serves as the main interface for navigating between menus. The only problem is that of the ten applications available on the smartwatch, there is no possibility to add others. It even has the Alexa voice assistant. The function is not yet available in France. In addition, if it is possible to view the messages received on your phone, but you cannot reply to them.

Autonomy: variables to take into account

A connected watch must be a reliable ally on the daily front. To do this, the latter enjoys a sufficiently substantial autonomy so as not to be a concern. On paper, the Zepp Z announces a lifespan of about 15 days. It varies depending on your daily activity. In standard use, where the watch is connected to the telephone, with small sports sessions and kept at night, a duration of one week is observed. This is excellent performance in a market where only the best devices do better.

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For the load, it is 340mAh battery. Within the box, a USB cable with a magnetic base to place the watch case. However, no power supply is planned. You will therefore have to go through that of your phone. The charging speed is still quite satisfactory. An hour and a half will be enough for the Zepp watch which is more than enough, even when you are in a hurry.

Use: a watch designed for everyday life and Sunday sportsmen

In fact, the Zepp Z seeks to offer great versatility in its operation. On a daily basis or during your sports activities, it remains attentive to your heart rate. Little anecdote during the test. On the occasion of a frenzied party on a board game, the watch recorded a beat per minute greater than 120 for more than 5 minutes. It began to vibrate, advising us to regain our composure and why not call a doctor.

In terms of sports activities, the watch covers a panel of 87 activities. The great classics of the genre such as running, swimming or cycling are part of the game. The Zepp brand offers more with other categories. Containment requires, we were not able to test the measures for team sports. The tracking of the race remains quite precise even if the GPS is very often put in the wind. We were also able to test the martial arts component without having a possibility of comparison in order to have the veracity of the recorded data.

Conclusion: what to remember from the Zepp Z connected watch?

With the Zepp Z, the Chinese brand is taking a gamble. The smartwatch first of all offers a very elegant design capable of adapting to your daily life and which can proudly sit on your wrist. For its use, the ergonomics use elements that worked on previous models. The central button orchestrates the general animation to navigate the different menus. The touchscreen interface also allows you to interact directly according to your wishes. You will have no problem with brightness to consult it whenever you want.

We can regret that the Zepp watch remains a little more rigid on its software. It is not possible to download additional applications. The quality of the materials remains questionable, as the leather appears fragile. The Zepp Z marketed at a price of 349 euros. It remains an excellent product that we recommend.

Zepp Z review: elegance in favor of connectivity

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