You will soon save your COVID card directly in Android

We may no longer need a separate application to prove ourselves with our digital COVID certificate. Google will soon allow users to store their digital COVID card directly in Android without having to install another application. The Android Authority portal informed about the topic.

Digital COVID card directly in Android so far only in the USA

The new feature in the Android system manages to store not only the vaccination card, but also the confirmation of the negative test. The digital vaccination card will display information such as the name of the vaccine, the batch and dose number, the date of vaccination or the name of the doctor. The COVID card, which is issued on the basis of a negative test, will contain, in addition to the result, the name of the test and the date of performance.


For now, this feature will only be available in the US and will be available in other countries at a later date. However, it is not clear whether the function will reach us as well.

All devices running Android 5.0 or later will be supported. If you decide to add a digital COVID card to your device, you will be able to access it via a link on the home screen.

Google has promised not to misuse COVID cards to target ads

As far as data security is concerned, Google claims that the card will be stored on the device and not on the server. This means that the card will therefore be available without an internet connection. However, if you change devices, you will need to manually add the card again.

In addition, Google has promised not to store a copy of the information on the card and not to share it with third parties or use it to target advertising. However, the company will record when you use your COVID card.

Our tip

You will find your EU digital COVID card in the VšZP and Trust applications

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