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You can have an ECG measurement watch on Android

Withings is a French manufacturer of smart fitness and health products. Two years back is even bought by the Finnish company Nokia, but it did not last long and last year Withings became independent when the company bought back one of the founders of the company. At the CES trade fair, this company has brought to your attention the interesting hybrid watch Withings Move ECG, which also exists in a special version with the support of ECG measurement

Withings Move ECG: Hybrid watch with which you can measure ECG

we will talk about the basic version of these watches without ECG support. At first glance they look like classic analog watches . But there’s a lot of sensors inside. They can measure steps, tempo, floor, sleep, and other fitness activities . You can also use GPS with your phone. The daily target is displayed on a special dial inside the watch. Since it is a hybrid watch, it will please batteries last up to 18 months . The price of these watches is $ 70.

Meet Move ECG, the world’s first analogue watch to record a medical-grade electrocardiogram

 Meet Move ECG, the world's first analogue watch to record a medical-grade electrocardiogram <svg xmlns=

Apple Watch last generation they can also measure the ECG. Unfortunately, unlike other companies, Apple does not allow these smart watches to be used with other systems. If you want to use them, you need an iOS device. Now we can also use ECG on Androide . And thanks to Withings Move ECG. lectrocardiography

Due to this function, also slightly reduced the battery life ]. It is still on twelve months which is much more than most competitive hybrid watches. You pay for the ECG version $ 130, at a VAT rate of approximately CZK 3,500 . The watches should be available in the second quarter of this year.

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