You can buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 at the MediaMarkt (ADV)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 can be ordered and you do that at MediaMarkt. Read below what benefits you get.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 family is here!

The annual presentation of the new Samsung models is of great importance. These devices have dominated the market for years, and that is not without reason.

Just like previous models, the Samsung Galaxy S21 family gives you the best of the best. Samsung has again chosen to come out with three models.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the ‘entry-level model’ and has a 6.2-inch FHD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen. This screen can have a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. That is especially nice when viewing media and playing games. At the rear we find a telephoto lens from 64 MP, a wide angle camera from 12 MP and an ultra wide angle camera from 12 MP.

On the inside, the Exynos 2100 chipset, together with the 8GB of RAM, ensures super-fast performance. The battery is 4000 mAh.

If you want to go a step higher, the Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G is ready for you. This device largely corresponds to the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, but differs in a number of important areas. The Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G has a much larger screen at 6.7 inches and the battery of 4800 mAh is also a lot bigger.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

If you want to excel everything and especially in the field of the camera, then the choice for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is an easy one. The device has no less than two telephoto lenses of 10 MP, a wide-angle camera of 108 MP and an ultra-wide-angle camera of 12 MP.

This device has the largest screen of all, 6.8 inches. The battery is also a lot bigger with 5000 mAh. This year, this top model also gets a nice expansion, namely the S pen. We already knew this multifunctional pen from the Note series, but it can now also be used in the S21 Ultra 5G.

All models can be charged wirelessly and quickly and can use 5G.

Appliance price
Samsung Galaxy S21 128 GB € 849
Samsung Galaxy S21 256 GB € 899
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB € 1049
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 256 GB € 1099
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB € 1349
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 256 GB € 1399
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB € 1529

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 at the MediaMarkt and receive these extras!

Buying your new device at the MediaMarkt has many advantages. We list them for you.

Receive the Galaxy Buds live and the Galaxy SmartTag with the Galaxy S21 and S21 +

If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G or the Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G, you will receive the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag for free with your purchase.

Get the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy SmartTag with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

If you are going for the very best that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has to offer, then you choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, you will receive the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

You can buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 at the MediaMarkt (ADV)

Receive the device on the day of release

If you place your pre-order at MediaMarkt, you will receive your new device at home the day it is in the store.

Buy your Samsung Galaxy S21 separately or with a subscription!

Everything is possible at the MediaMarkt. You can buy your new device separately or with a subscription from any provider you want. We also offer you the option to pay for your new smartphone in installments (Note: borrowing costs money).

You can also exchange your old smartphone for a MediaMarkt gift card, then you can immediately buy a screen protector and have it attached for only € 19.95.

More information about the above can be found here.

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