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‘Working from home made me closer to my children than ever’

For years, Clint was out early in the morning, when his children were still in bed, and often didn’t return home until late at night. “I had two jobs: one in college and one as an author,” he explains.

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‘As a result, I saw little of my children. There were days when I felt like I was only with them when I had to comfort them at night, when they were little, because they were afraid of the dark. If I now look back on those early days, I saw them mainly on weekends. ‘

Snack breaks

How different it was in recent months: Clint and his children spend a lot of time at home due to the corona virus. ‘While my wife has to go out for work,’ he says. ‘In the beginning, I panicked because of that – how am I going to make it at home, if I have to work and take care of the children?’

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But now he has found his way and everything is not too bad for him. ‘While I answer work emails, my kids do their homework. In the meantime, we joke and take snack breaks. ‘


When the pandemic is over, he will even miss that time with his children. ‘Of course there have been difficult days, but in general I am glad it turned out like this. I now get to know much better what occupies her and what drives her. I help them overcome frustration and it feels like we have come closer than ever. ‘

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