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The new VR walker app will teach not only kids the rules for walking

Do you remember our January recommendation of the fun and educational application VR Cyclist, which aims education of children in the field of road traffic in relation to bike riders? So the news from the same developers has now arrived pedestrian movement on the sidewalk or on the road. Like its predecessor, the VR pedestrian application is in 2D and 3D (with or without glasses), Czech-dubbed and full of practical information not only for children.

VR Walker – about the application

What content does the VR Walker application offer?

For kids

  • Who is a pedestrian
  • On the sidewalk
  • Pedestrian zone
  • Trail for pedestrians and cyclists
  • On the road
  • Crossing the road
  • Visibility
VR walker

For adults and seniors

  • Who is a pedestrian
  • Basic rules for pedestrians
  • Crossing
  • Visibility
  • A safe way to school
  • Accident causes and statistics
  • Age restrictions
  • Lead by example, do not break the rules
  • What to watch out for

The application is fully spoken, ie it does not need further interpretation or explanation. It is also suitable for children who cannot read yet. Along with its launch, a competition for VR glasses also began.

How do you explain traffic rules to your children?


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