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Government is considering launching a special Coronatest app

The Ministry of Health is considering releasing an extra application around the Corona virus. It should be a Corona test app that will be given various (useful) functions.

Corona test app on the way?

The Netherlands is considering releasing a special Corona test app. It should be available alongside the previously published Coronamelder app. A second app that is under development should help the GGD with source and contact research. This application will be released in the coming months, the NOS writes. With this app, people who have tested positive can pass on their contacts to the GGD in order to make this process easier.

The new Coronatest app must offer the possibility to schedule a test at a test location. The reason for this is the test capacity, which must be much larger in the near future. Another function that may become available has to do with a so-called ‘test certificate’. With this you must be able to demonstrate that you have recently been tested negative for the Coronavirus. You still have to go to a commercial company that offers testing for such a certificate.

It is currently unknown whether the Coronatest app can also show whether or not you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. According to the ministry, all options are still open. It is also not yet final whether the app will be finalized. The government does ask companies to lend staff for the development of the application. This saves time so as not to start a tendering procedure. In that case, development should take about two months.

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