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Looking for a VPN service, but not too demanding? Then you might be able to do with a free VPN for Android. You can check in this article what the pros and cons are and what we think are the best three free alternatives.

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Free VPN services for Android

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a way to access the internet. With such a network connection you can choose yourself via which server your internet traffic goes. This way you can use the internet more anonymously, better protect your online privacy or circumvent geographic restrictions, for example. Want to know more about the basics of VPNs? Then check out our comprehensive VPN beginner’s guide.

In this article we dive deeper into free VPN services for Android. What are the pros and cons and what are three interesting free services?

Advantages and disadvantages of free VPN services

The advantage is of course that you do not have to spend any money on it. However, free is almost never free and that is often true in combination with VPN services. It may be that data from your internet visit is sold to other parties. After all, data is worth money and that way you can still use such a service without paying.

This also means that you can often not use the internet completely anonymously and securely via such a ‘free’ service. It may also be the case, for example, that your own data connection is shared with other users of the service. All in all, there are certainly reasons to keep in mind if you really don’t want to pay anything for a VPN service.

In addition, you often have to deal with data and speed limits, so you do not achieve optimal speeds. With other free services, for example, you cannot watch an American offer from a streaming service, or download torrents.

These are of course personal choices and there are always exceptions to the rule. That is why we have listed the best three free VPN services for Android, in no particular order, for you.

# 1 ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is an interesting VPN service that is completely free to use. The biggest advantages are not having limits on the amount of data you can send or the speed of the VPN connection. In addition, the service can be used on many other operating systems, such as Windows, iOS and Linux.

Several servers of the service have been placed in the Netherlands. This is useful if you are on holiday abroad and want to enjoy Dutch series from streaming services, for example. Netflix, among others, tries to logically constantly block such connections. Viewing the American supply from the Netherlands therefore goes in fits and starts.

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