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Wordle is latest hit on the internet; and is also available in Dutch

The internet is crazy about a new hit on the internet; wordle. This entertaining game has you guessing a word every day, reminiscent of Lingo. But how does it work, what can you do with it and is Wordle also in Dutch?


Wordle, a recently released game that has become hugely popular in recent days. It is a word game where you can guess one word every day. The idea is best compared to Lingo, except you don’t see the starting letters. This means that you see five boxes in which you have to guess the word yourself. Letters in a gray square are not good and you have already used them. If a letter is in the word, but not in the right place, it is yellow. If the letter is in the right place, the letter lights up green.

You have six attempts per word. When you have saved this, you can share the result, which, for example, now fills Twitter with. These are the blocks that represent Wordle. Only once a day do you get the chance to guess a word; if you don’t guess, there’s another chance tomorrow.

But where does Wordle originate? The game was created by a Brooklyn based software developer. His name is Josh Wardle, from which Wordle is derived. The New York Times writes about it. The developer first released the game for the family, and soon after, hundreds of thousands of people played the game. Anyone can play the game for free, through Wordle’s website.



A Dutch developer has also started working on the game and has released a Dutch alternative to Wordle. You can do this on the Woordle website. The same rules and options apply here. There is no Wordle app, you play it through the website.

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