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With these deep fryers you can make the tastiest donuts and snacks


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Handy: thanks to the special filter in this Tefal fryer, the fat stays fresh for longer and you do not have to replace it after each portion. The lid can be closed during baking, but you can still keep an eye on whether the bitterballen are baking nicely through the viewing screen.

Oh, and another plus of this fitness pan: you can simply put the basket, filter and inner pan in the dishwasher. Saves again.

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deep fryers-oliebollen-snacks

A deep fryer that is not expensive, but does what it should do perfectly. The fixed inner pan has a non-stick coating and a handy opening with which you can pour the fat.

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deep fryers-oliebollen-snacks

Do you have a large family or (after corona) many family and friends come for dinner? Thanks to this mega deep fryer from Tefal, nobody has to wait long and everyone can enjoy warm chicken bones at the same time.

There is also an odor filter in it, so no worries that the food odor lingers in your house for the rest of the evening.

Order the Tefal Mega Fryer here.


deep fryers-oliebollen-snacks

It couldn’t be more convenient: baking oliebollen and apple fritters at the same time. Or delicious snacks for your child’s birthday party. The two pans have a capacity of three liters and the cold zone prevents leftovers from burning.

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deep fryers-oliebollen-snacks

If you like to eat fries, the FriFri deep fryer provides delicious golden-yellow fries. It bakes one kilo at a time and thanks to the high-speed heating element you don’t have to wait long. Oh yes, and that makes the fries even more crispy and healthier: totally fine, right?

Order the deep fryer here.

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