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Why does Saturn want 511.29 euros for Farming Simulator?

If you’re interested in a PS4 version of Farming Simulator 22, you’ll have to spend a little – at least on Amazon. However, Saturn wanted to have significantly more for the simulator bestseller in one of its stores. A whopping 511.29 euros were on the price tag. A simple mistake? An insider explains what the moon price is all about.

Saturn wants 511.29 euros for Farming Simulator 22 on PS4

Simulators are a real long-running genre in Germany. The farming simulator is almost always at the top of the bestseller charts on Amazon – the current version is also available for the Xbox Series, PS5 and PS4 in addition to the PC. Cost depending on the platform: between 20 and 30 euros (look at amazon).

However, user Rattinger recently posted a curious discovery at Saturn on Reddit. When he was in the electronics market, he stumbled across the price tag of the Farming Simulator 22 for PS4which made his eyes widen. According to the price indication in the market, the game should cost 511.29 euros (Source: Reddit). Clearly a mistake, right?

There are a number of comments in the thread that make fun of the horrendous purchase price:

“What a bargain” – damclub hooligan

“Bloody Inflation” – Trick00x

“Who would walk into an electronics store and buy Farming Simulator for over $500??” – Freedman1337

The everyday life of a farmer is anything but easy – this is also reflected in the launch trailer of the LWS 22:

Farming Simulator 22: Launch Trailer

Farming Simulator 22 - [Playstation 4]

Farming Simulator 22 – [Playstation 4]

The price may be higher now. Price from 01/20/2023 18:35

Error with Saturn: That’s what the moon price is all about

Commentator Affenpocke explains what the crazy price is all about in his answer. In his opinion, this is the case a placeholder that always ends up on the price tag if no price is stored in the system.

Everybody makes mistakes:

But why does such a crooked number end up on the note? Another user named “NormalCup7946” has a suspicion. he noticed that the price of 511.29 euros corresponds exactly to 1,000 German marks and is therefore no longer so crooked. It is quite possible that the price placeholder system at Saturn was already in use before the currency changeover and that the amount was only adjusted after the introduction of the euro.

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