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Apple has released beta 2 of iOS 17. We show you what the new features and improvements are! In addition, we will tell you when everyone can install iOS 17!

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iOS 17 beta 2: these are the new features

Shortly after the first version of iOS 17 was released, Apple released another update. In iOS 17 beta 2, several new features are added and a number of things have been fixed. We’ll tell you what’s new!

1. Update screen shows more information about beta versions

Secretly this is not a completely new feature, but the update screen now shows more information about installing beta versions. For example, you will see more details about the beta program and how to make a backup.

2. Location Settings has new options

The location services have been given a few options. You now have the option to turn the ‘Microlocation’ setting on or off. However, Apple does not provide any information about what this feature is used for.

To adjust this setting, click on ‘Settings > Privacy and security > Location services’. Then scroll all the way down and tap ‘System’.

3. Tips on different apps

Several official apps from Apple now provide small tips. For example, when sharing contacts with AirDrop (and NameDrop), you will see a small window that explains the function.

ios 17 beta 2 tips

4. Crossfade Apple Music

Crossfade is a new feature of Apple Music that allows you to fade songs into each other. The annoying thing was that the option in the first beta of iOS 17 crashed the app. In this new version everything works properly.

In addition, beta 2 of iOS 17 now also includes an option to adjust the length of the crossfade. Here you have the choice between 1 second and 12 seconds.

5. Standby notifications

The new Stand-by function has already been given an extra feature. You can now turn off notifications. When you turn off the notifications, you will still see ‘critical’ messages.

With Standby

When you turn the iPhone on its side while charging, you will now see a new screen with apps and options. Your iPhone thus becomes a kind of personal hub.

With Standby you can use the iPhone as a kind of alarm clock horizontally next to your bed and show various widgets.

6. Apple Music widget has more options

The widget for Apple Music now comes in more sizes and dimensions. This way you can choose which version you want to put on your iPhone.

apple music widget ios 17

7. More minor tweaks

Of course, there are more new features in iOS 17 beta 2. But the above list shows the most important changes that Apple has made. A lot of extra functions will probably be added before the official release.

This is when anyone can install iOS 17

Apple releases iOS 17 shortly after the presentation of the new series of iPhones. This year, Apple presents the iPhone 15 series, which again consists of four phones. Usually you have to wait about a week after the presentation of iPhones for the new iOS version to be available.

The new iPhone is usually presented on the second Tuesday of September. The new iPhones will probably be presented on September 12, 2023 this year. On Monday, a week later, iOS 17 is expected to hit September 18, 2023 are available.

Don’t feel like waiting and want to install iOS 17 beta 2 right now? Which can! In the article below you can read exactly how you can already put iOS 17 on your iPhone.

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