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what’s new in the iPhone update?

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 16.3. The second test version of iPadOS 16.3 has also been released. What’s new in the first iPhone update of 2023?

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iOS 16.3 beta 2

iOS 16.3 has one big change in particular, as the first iOS 16.3 beta already showed. iPhone users will have the option to protect their Apple ID with a physical security key. You use a small piece of hardware (a kind of USB stick) as the second layer of two-factor authentication.

The physical security key protects your Apple ID extra well against phishing and malicious parties. Apple doesn’t make the key itself. Any FIDO certified security key can be linked to your Apple ID. The keys replace the digital verification codes sent to Apple devices.

Other innovations

In addition to the security keys, iOS 16.3 adds some minor changes. For example, in SOS emergency notification, a function that allows you to quickly call emergency services by pressing and holding the iPhone’s volume and side buttons.

Discovered in the second beta 9to5Mac a subtle change here. Now, if you continue to hold the buttons, a countdown clock will start and the iPhone will automatically call emergency services. Starting with iOS 16.3, the iPhone won’t call emergency services until you release the buttons after the countdown.

Previous updates

In the previous interim updates, Apple added more iPhone functions. For example, in iOS 16.1 there was Live Activities and the shared iCloud library. With iOS 16.2, Apple even introduced a completely new iPhone app: Freeform. Apple Music also got a cool karaoke function with Sing.

We are now looking forward to iOS 17, the next operating system of the iPhone. Apple will announce what’s new at WWDC in June. Want to stay up to date with the latest iPhone features? Sign up for our newsletter:

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