Balcony power plant soon at Aldi? Discounter comments on mini solar systems

The high energy costs ensure that more and more people are interested in so-called balcony power plants. These are mini solar systems that do not cost much and can significantly reduce the electricity bill. According to Netto, Aldi could soon sell such a balcony power plant.

Balcony power plant soon at Aldi: that’s what the discounter says

So far, you could only buy mini solar systems from special dealers who also offer large solar systems. However, with one offer, Netto has landed a real success. There you can buy a complete set of a balcony power plant at an attractive price. This has certainly not escaped the attention of the competing discounters, so we actually assumed that Aldi would jump on the bandwagon sooner or later. Aldi Nord is now facing each other hot voiced. A spokeswoman said: “We are currently dealing with the issue of balcony power plants and are observing the market.” However, no decision has yet been made.

Aldi has jumped on several trends in recent months, such as electric heaters, infrared heaters, petrol and diesel generators and many other products that meet the spirit of the times. The decision to sell balcony power plants should therefore only depend on whether Aldi finds a reliable partnerwho makes a good price and can also deliver. At Netto you have to wait up to 40 days, the demand for the mini solar systems is so high. If you don’t want to wait, here are some offers that are even cheaper.

In this video we will tell you whether a balcony power plant is worthwhile:

New specifications for balcony power plants planned

So far there have been quite strict rules regarding balcony power plants in Germany. The VDE recently surprisingly announced that a strong easing is planned. Up to 800 watts of output power should then be allowed. The Schuko plug and an old Ferraris meter should no longer pose a problem. A new fault protection contact switch is to be installed for this purpose. It will be some time before the new rules come into force. You currently have to adhere to these guidelines.

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