What will Dot after covid be for? This is one option

While we are still entangled in the predicament of coronavirus spread and spreading, The Dot application has been a helper since its launch, which proves the infectivity of persons, especially during visits to public places, within the framework of current regulations and definitions. Sometimes without problems, sometimes with significant stumbling. In any case, the purpose has not changed yet. But as time goes on and at the same time considerable resources are spent on the operation of Dot, ČTečka and the entire Smart Quarantine, the question arises, what will happen to this applicationuntil it is not fully occupied by the records associated with Covid-19. One of the variants was brought by a discussion on Twitter.

“Why don’t we digitize the entire vaccination card? Tetanus, travel vaccination, pneumococci… Why not record it all in Dot? ” asked the National Agency for Communication and Information Technology (NAKIT), which develops and maintains the application, the user @BaroneTereza. The authors of the Dot answered her question. And positively. One of the intended variants is indeed redesign of the application into a digital vaccination card on mobile. We’ll see if the developers actually go that route.

How does the Dot application and its possibilities suit you?

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