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What smartphone owners need to know

Smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, they all depend on sufficient energy. A power bank can therefore be indispensable on the go. But TÜV experts advise you to be careful with inferior equipment. Buyers should definitely pay attention to these expert tips.

TÜV: Fire and explosion hazard with power banks

Power banks have long been indispensable for those who are on the road for a long time or are very dependent on their smartphone, tablet or other devices. The powerful batteries extend the runtime of mobile devices enormously. But like all rechargeable batteries, they can also be dangerous: “The use of inferior rechargeable batteries can damage and even damage the device being charged to fatal consequences how fires or explosions lead, “warns Dr. Hermann Dinkler, fire and explosion protection expert from the TÜV association (source: TÜV association).

When making a purchase, the expert therefore advises always paying attention to the relationship between price and promised charging capacity. If offers look too good to be true, they often are. At best, you just get an annoyingly weak additional battery. If things don’t go well, the connected devices can be damaged. Therefore, according to the TÜV, buyers should if possible pay attention to independent certificates, like the GS certificate or one directly from TÜV. These would reliably confirm the safety of the products.

At least one should CE certificate available with which the manufacturer guarantees to adhere to industry standards and safety measures. However, CE certificates would also be forged, so they are only one of several options for orientation.

Even a power bank is ultimately just a powerful battery. We explain what you should know about battery cells in our Video:

TÜV tips: How to use your power bank correctly

TÜV also has tips on how to use it correctly: You should do not charge overnight or leave the power bank in the car. This can quickly become dangerous, especially in summer. If excessive heat develops during charging – the power bank becomes too hot to be held in the hand – remove the connected devices immediately. The power bank should also not be used as a power supply replacement.

If you need a power bank for outdoor activities, it is advisable to also pay attention to an IP67 certification. This guarantees that the device is dust-proof and waterproof to a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes. The loading capacity differs, so you should pay particular attention to it before traveling by plane.

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