Facebook could sell its own smartwatch in the summer of 2022

It is common knowledge that Facebook lives mainly by collecting data from its users. No wonder the California-based company is always looking for new ways to find out more information about the person in question. Because only when I know that Max Mustermann likes to use Apple products and drives a BMW at the same time can I rent lucrative advertising space to retailers and car dealers.

The new venture is initially surprising, but in the long term, wearable data could open up even greater data treasures for the group. The information given below should be treated with caution. Facebook itself has not yet officially confirmed the construction of a smartwatch, but two people close to the project seem to have talked about it.

Facebook could soon look even deeper into our lives (Image: pa / dpa / Fabian Stratenschulte)

In terms of functionality, we should see a great similarity to wearables available on the market so far. The watch from Facebook has one special feature: two cameras! While the camera on the front can primarily be used for video calls, the one on the back can be used to take photos in Full HD. In addition, it should be possible to separate the watch case from the bracelet.

In addition, the device should have its own network connection via LTE, and the wearable should be available in white, black and gold. The watch is expected to hit the market in the summer of 2022 and then cost just under $ 400. Facebook should also think about possible successors today.

Can it work outside of social media? (Image: Firmbee.com)

In addition to the aforementioned reason for collecting data, Facebook could also seek stronger competition from Apple and Google. The latter group recently presented a new version of Wear OS at Google I / O, in cooperation with Samsung and thanks to the expertise of Fitbit, we should probably see a new device here soon too. Even so, Facebook remains modest at first. The plan is to sell a few million devices. For comparison: Apple sold up to 34 million Apple Watch last year.

Via The Verge

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