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Google comes with a new update for Android Auto. With the arrival of Android Auto 6.0, users can expect a range of new features. We list them.

Android Auto 6.0

After a long time, Google would again come up with a relatively large update for Android Auto. Google seems to have started rolling out Android Auto 6.0, according to several reports. New include the shortcuts for the Google Assistant and wallpapers. But there is more to report.


Android Auto 6.0 comes with wallpapers. That way you can better personalize the screen in your car. You can set the background via the Android Auto application. As far as known, you can only choose the backgrounds that Google has collected itself.

Google Assistant

Another improvement that can be found in Android Auto is shortcuts for the Google Assistant. That way you can perform certain tasks without touching the screen. With shortcuts you can think of calling a contact or quickly setting a route.

Android Auto MultiDisplay


MultiDisplay is another new feature we can expect for Android Auto. That way, in addition to operating the media player, you can also have the navigation of Google Maps open. The function seems to need to be further elaborated, because there are not many options yet. For example, you cannot open any navigation app other than Google Maps.

Other improvements

Google is also going to provide Android Auto with VoIP calling support. This means that calling via, for example, Google Duo, Meet and WhatsApp will be supported. Chat apps should be more widely supported in Android Auto anyway, or so is the expectation. It should also be made easier to exit Android Auto without having to reach for your phone.

Android Auto 6.0 also brings a ton of bug fixes. This includes resuming music after a phone call and should also allow Google Assistant to run faster again.

It is striking that certain functions are activated by means of a few technical actions. This way we already gain insight into what to expect with the new update of Android Auto. The findings have been shared on Reddit. It is not known when Google will roll out Android Auto 6.0 widely to everyone.

Android Auto - Google Maps, Media & Messaging
Android Auto - Google Maps, Media & Messaging

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