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win a Nest Audio and Nest Mini

A new week, so another week full of winning opportunities! Today we kick off with a duo of Google speakers, sponsored by tink. In the package you will find the Nest Audio for, for example, the living room. A Nest Mini is also part of this price, perfect for the bedroom or in the office space.

Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020

We are giving away a cool prize every working day in the Android Planet advent calendar until December 24. We have been busy for a while, but today you also have a chance to win a great prize. Secretly there are two, because you have a chance to win two speakers from Google, read on quickly.

In addition, the winner of the Cat S52 (the prize of December 11) has been announced. The winner is: Wouter from Zoutkamp. Congratulations and enjoy your prize!

Monday December 14: Google Nest Audio and Nest Mini worth 158 euros

Google is working hard with smartphones, services and all kinds of smart home equipment. The manufacturer puts high value on smart speakers, among other things, and has several in its range. Via tink you now have a chance to win this set already daily price at Android Planet!

The Nest Audio is the latest speaker from the search giant, has a minimalist finish and fits into any design. The sound quality is astonishingly good and of course you can give Google Assistant all kinds of commands or ask questions. However, that is not the only speaker in this prize package, because the Nest Mini is also included.

Don’t let the name fool you, because this speaker also offers excellent performance. For example, you can play music, control other smart equipment or ask a question via a (voice) command. You can also link them as a speaker group, so you can enjoy wonderful music throughout the house.

For this giveaway we would like to thank tink, who sponsored the speaker duo! The suggested retail price of the Nest Audio and Nest Mini together is 158.00 euros.

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this Android Planet win month? Then view our special Android Planet advent calendar 2020 action page. There you can read exactly what you need to do to have a chance to win such a great prize every day! You also check the entire calendar, full list of winners and winners and of course all frequently asked questions and answers in a row.

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