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Warm and wintry: that’s how you enjoy delicious mulled wine

The real

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It comes from our eastern neighbors, so it cannot be otherwise than that this mulled wine tastes delicious.

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Just tap

warm-winters-delicious-mulled wine

Party in the backyard? Keep the mulled wine at the right temperature with this kettle. It fits no less than eight liters and has a handy tap on it (so you keep pouring …)

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Stock up on supplies

warm-winters-delicious-mulled wine

You don’t have to resist the price of this bottle, so buy three or so immediately. It’s okay anyway.

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Make it yourself

warm-winters-delicious-mulled wine

Even better: make your own mulled wine. Difficult? No, you just order this bottle that already contains all the necessary ingredients, such as cranberries, star anise and cinnamon. Add some red wine, a spoonful of sugar, let it stand for two days (the hardest part) and enjoy! Just warm up.

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Enjoy extra

warm-winters-delicious-mulled wine

What makes your mug with mulled wine even better? This appropriate and delicious bar from Tony’s, of course. Although any chocolate flavor will suffice.

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