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VLC announces AirPlay support for its Android application

VLC Media Player is without a doubt the most popular media player today. The simplicity of its interface and its multiple functionalities contributed a lot to its success. Speaking of functionality, his Android application will soon offer support AirPlay.

VLC is available on almost all platforms. There is a dedicated version for each operating system. Whether you are a Windows user, MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android, you can find a suitable version of the player. Then the software supports all video and audio formats – in addition to being compatible with subtitles. On the other hand, the media player is free and open source. VLC is thus a very versatile reader, which largely explains its success.

On the sidelines of the 2019 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, the VLC team reported that the application reached the milestone of 3 billion downloads . Created in February 2001, the software took a little more than 11 years to reach its first billion downloads – it was in May 2012. Two years later, the Android application of the player arrived on Google Play.

The VLC team is planning several new features this year. A recent update now allows the app to play HDR videos in AV1. Starting in February, the Android application should receive a major update that will integrate support for AirPlay. AirPlay is an Apple protocol. This allows you to broadcast multimedia content from mobile devices or computers of the brand on a TV with an Apple TV module.

The arrival of a support for AirPlay will therefore simplify the daily lives of users of smartphones or tablets on Android. They will be able to stream directly to the Apple TV videos recorded on their mobile devices. That using the Android application of VLC .


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