Movies by Video Games in 2019

As every year, several movie adaptations of popular video games will be directed to cinemas. Whether you are looking forward to the Hollywood blockbands built on popular titles and heroes, or you are worrying about them, you should know what is waiting for us in the field of movies this year

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Already in May, Pokemon will come in: Detective Pikachu. In the United States, it’s premiered on May 10, with us even a day earlier. Rob Letterman, who has films like Goose Skin, Gulliver’s Paths, or Animals, Intruders and The Shark Story. The main star of the film is Ryan Reynolds, whose voice is the central hero of Pikachu. However, Ken Watanabe or Bill Nighy will also play a solid cast. Action comedy was inspired by the 2016 game of the same name for the Nintendo 3DS handheld. The film originated in American-Japanese co-production, just like Sonic combines live actors with digital, and Legendary Entertainment acquired the rights to adapt shortly after the original game. The main character Tim Goodman in the movie will be searching for his father. He meets his former partner, who is Detective Pikachu, whose language Tim understands. They both join together to find a missing father and colleague, and, as it happens, will reveal an even greater threat to the world. The reason why the adaptation is based on Detective Pikachu is an effort to shoot a film whose main hero is not Ash Ketchum. This idea was also inclined by The Pokémon Company itself, which already had a series of films with the original protagonist of the saga. On digital effects, he worked the same team as the Jungle Book or Fantastic Animals movies and where to find them. The authors were trying to create photorealistic pokemonics that would act as living creatures instead of highly stylized beings

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The animation of Angry Birds in the 2016 movie will be premiered in the United States on August 16th. The Czech cinemas will arrive on August 29 and will be screened in Slovakia on 3rd October. The second part was announced shortly after the release of the first one, and the animation is again in charge of Sony Pictures Digital Division. Voices like Peter Dinklage or Bill Hader gave their voice to animated oarsmen and other creatures. In the film, the Finnish company Rovio wants to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand of Angry Birds, whose first album was released in 2009. The previous movie was not such a blockbuster in which the studio hoped. Still, after lukewarm criticism, he made $ 352 million, making it the second most profitable video game ever. It was better for Wacraft director Duncan Jones. Let’s see if the sequel will be even more successful and dignified than the decade since the premiere of one of the biggest mobile hits

Sonic the Hedgehog

After many series and animated adventures, the fastest hedgehog of the world finally gets a full feature film from Hollywood. Hedgehog Sonic is premiered in the United States on November 8, and will be released on Czech and Slovak cinemas on November 14th. Like Sonic Detective, Sonic will combine live actors with animated ones. But the main star of the movie may not be the hedgehog himself and his dabper, like Jim Carrey’s comedian, in the role of Robotnik alias Eggman. This is where Sonic will stand up with Sheriff Tom Wachowski, who heads to San Francisco. Film rights were first acquired by Sony in 2013 and the film was originally premiered last year. In October 2017, however, the rights went from Sony to Paramount. Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed that Paul Rudd will appear in the film. The controversy before the first enthusiast was enough to bring in the information that the filmmakers played a bit like Sonica in combination with the first posters. The hedgehog should be “more realistic”, more resembling a person, and some typical features such as the eyes attached. The joy did not make some fans or the information that Sonic would have coat instead of spikes, even if it is a hedgehog. The result is supposed to be the same as in the case of Ted from the movie Méďa. The executive producer even wondered why fans were expecting Sonic to have no coat. He would look like he was naked and coat is supposed to be a way for the hedge to better engage in the real world and make him a real creature. But the filmmakers have suggested that even Sega was not enthusiastic about the changes, especially the new design of Sonic’s eyes. Some authors of the original game also responded with anxiety about Sonic’s appearance

Dynasty Warriors

Also this year, Dynasty Warriors will be premiered by Koei Tecmo, a sago of the same name. The film adaptation of the Japanese series originates in Hong Kong and seems to be primarily orientated towards the audience in East Asia. The edgy adaptation was announced in 2016 and originally was to come to cinemas next year. In addition to China, the film was also filmed in New Zealand, but so far it is rather difficult to guess what is going on and whether it will be appealing even to a regular viewer in the West

2020 and beyond

This, of course, does not end the list of upcoming films according to the video games, but the others will not be able to play this year. In preparation, for example, Monster Hunter’s adaptation from Capcom, directed by Resident Evil series director Paul W. S. Anderson. His wife Milla Jovovich cuts his lead, and Ron Perlman appears in her movie. The film about a band of soldiers who fall into an alternative dimension was filmed from October to December in South Africa and was not very happy with the first photos of the fans

A movie inspired by Minecraft, which has repeatedly changed the director, is being prepared by 2014. Producers are directly supervised by the authors of the game to make sure that the film does not break the original idea. In 2017, the film adaptation of the open world action of Sleeping Dogs was announced, whose main star was Donnie Yen. Last April, Universal revealed that the cult Doom will also see the new film processing. Even as early as 2007, Gears of War talks about the film. After many tails, the script is still written and according to the latest information is not to be based on any existing game but to come up with a story. Problems are also associated with the preparation of Uncharted. Tom Holland appears as a young Nathan Drake. The long way ahead is undoubtedly the Metal Gear Solid movie, which will try to make it impossible – to adapt one of the most filmed series ever. Since 2014, there is also talk about The Last of Us. The film is also set up by Firewatch from Campo Santo.

Still not enough? Five Nights at Freddy’s, Mega Man, Call of Duty, Just Cause, Borderlands or Mass Effect have also arrived in Hollywood. Resident Evil will also be restarted. Only Ubisoft, within its own film division, is preparing films and serials for the Splinter Cell series, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Rabbids, The Division, Werewolves Within, and Just Dance. And of course there are other video game inspired series. For all, we mention at least Halo from Steven Spielberg’s production, Devil May Cry’s new animated series, or Netflix’s eagerly awaited Wackyard.

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