How to monitor children’s smartphones

There are many reasons to monitor a smartphone. Some parents have ever wanted to know where their offspring is and whether everything is still alright. But even in business, a surveillance app can be very useful without directly subordinating the employee.

To take one straight away, the use of such an app in Germany and many other countries is not entirely uncritical: surveillance without the consent of the person to be monitored It should be forbidden and should not happen purely from a moral point of view – children certainly can be talked about, especially if they are smaller and made clear that it is not about excessive control, rather it should be made clear that locating is an adequate means if, for example, there is no longer any credit on a prepaid card or the mobile phone has no reception.

Businesses are sure to set other priorities, such as stopping the use of different apps, limiting the general use of a corporate phone after hours, and more. However, here it is important that the employee is informed exactly about the measures and, if possible, in writing, agrees.

The most important functions of Spyzie at a glance

  • Protecting Children
    Probably the most important feature is the protection of children through the spycast parental control app. These can be used to create schedules in which periods of use of the smartphone is possible. Nocturnal activities can be prevented. The extent to which this is a restriction should always be done individually and with the involvement of the child. This can also clear the impression that it is only about a permanent control.Since not every app is suitable for children, certain apps can also be blocked. Here, of course, you have to look and rework, as new apps are constantly coming to the Play Store.

    You hear and read again and again about abducted children and the fear of some parents is certainly understand. The child tracker displays the position of the child. If this deviates far from the usual routes, caring for the child would drive many parents into their own vehicles and in search of them. Geofencing allows you to define goals in advance. If the child departs from this route, the parents are automatically notified.

  • Control activities on the smartphone
    It might be possible to impose a control obligation here and some parents probably have this as well. But dangers lurk everywhere. Stalkers can be recognized in the news. The common social media platforms can be monitored in this way. The term monitoring can certainly also be replaced by protection.For companies, such control can be more than useful. Customer appointments can be tracked and calendar entries checked. After-hours use can be prevented and private chat apps can be blocked.

How does Spyzie work?

To use Spyzie, a premium account is required. The prices vary significantly depending on the operating system. While iOS users have to pay monthly, Android users can pay a significantly lower annual fee. In addition to the registration, physical access to the device to be controlled is required. Without this access the app can not be installed. In addition, some changes must be made to the settings in the system. The exact procedure is described on the Spyzie website. There is also the possibility to test the app in demo mode.

The dashboard clearly shows all functions. There, individual sections can be called up and viewed or even configured. The prerequisite is, of course, that there is a connection to the Internet.

Dashboard Overview

  • Monitor Telephone Calls
  • Track text messages
  • Browse contacts
  • analyze browsing history
  • Tracking GPS Location
  • Manage Photos & Videos
  • Show Installed Apps
  • WhatsApp monitor
  • Access the Calendar
  • Read notes & reminders

Understandably, the term surveillance has a bad connotation. If the persons to be monitored, be they children or employees, are involved, the meaning and purpose can certainly be conveyed understandably. From a legal point of view, this is necessary anyway. You do not have to overdo it with the monitoring and only to protect the children or the interests of the company.

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