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It’s here, the E3 fair and all the affiliate events start this week, so take a deep breath and jump with us. Today we have news for you from the weekend, which was still merciful, if you don’t want to explicitly drown in the news, but just look at our website at the moment and see how much has been born just today. But a clean table is always useful, so quickly for information about the new game inspired by Hitchcock, we also have an update for the Czech Mashinky for you, and there is also a summary of the latest news about the new Battlefield. That and even more in our summary. And watch out for ElBuggado, don’t let it surprise you!

List of topics

00:58 – The authors of Runaway introduced Vertigo according to Hitchcock. The classic thriller master of tension will receive a free video game adaptation from Pendulo Studios

07:00 – Czech Mashinky has been greatly improved in cities. More than 50 buildings were added, including decorative structures. Visually it changes according to the epoch

12:14 – The first gameplay screenshots from the new Battlefield have escaped. Some influencers participate in closed testing. Others received encrypted messages

16:17 – This year’s Battlefield could have the number 2042. Even during the weekend, a lot of information is leaking. On old consoles, it’s supposed to be a completely different game

21:14 – Dead Island, Metro, TimeSplitters and Saints Row will not be at E3. When you’re developing 160 games from 68 in-house studios, you just can’t show them all

25:19 – Capcom stole my photos for Resident Evil 4, says the photographer. The game logo is also defective under license. He wants $ 12 million in court after the Japanese company

31:30 – Oddworld heads to Xbox and The Medium on PlayStation. The current exclusivity will see ports for other platforms. Oddworld: Soulstorm already has Czech

35:28 – CD Projekt missed an internal video with bugs in Cyberpunk. It could have served as a joke as in the case of The Sorcerer 3. But now he will probably be burdened in the court battle

40:54 – Ubisoft is preparing a new multiplayer crossover from Tom Clancy. The PvP FPS connects worlds from the Splinter Cell, The Division and Ghost Recon series

44:57 – There will be no assassins in the next DLC for Valhall. The Order of the Hidden is said to be represented only by references through Eivor’s equipment. Players will again hunt members of the Ancients

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