Apple MacOS Monterey mainly gets one cool new feature

The brand new Apple MacOS Monterey mainly gets features that we already know, but the attention is stolen by the universal control function.

In addition to iOS 15, Apple will also announce the brand new MacOS Monterey during WWDC 2021. The successor to Big Sur gets some solid new features, basically all related to compatibility with other Apple devices. There is also one feature that steals the show. Check out what’s new about MacOS Monterey here.

Apple MacOS Monterey

Revolutionary Universal control

Apple gets off to a rocky start by announcing Universal Control. Starting with MacOS Monterey (and iOS 15 / iPadOS 15), users can use one mouse and keyboard for all their devices. Live. Without special apps or applications.

This means that you can, for example, put an iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro next to each other. Then you can use the mouse and keyboard seamlessly for all different devices. You can even swipe a file live from your MacBook to your iPad with your mouse. We don’t know how Apple managed to do that. Magic, it seems so far…

Safari gets order

Furthermore, Apple is improving Safari with some tab functions, partly to improve productivity from MacOS Monterey. You can now save tabs in folders. It works exactly the same as bookmarks for Windows, although Apple packs it all into a subtle drop-down menu. What Windows doesn’t have is live cross-device working in a browser. If you open a tab on the iPad, for example from the tab folder, it will also open automatically on your iMac.

Finally, Apple makes the tab bar in the Safari browser even more compact and less noticeable. The icons are rounder and smaller. Tabs are processed in a drop-down menu. The search bar also changes to the color of the website you are visiting, so that it disappears even further into the site itself.


The magic actually ends there, as Apple apparently omits further major features for MacOS Monterey. Okay, AirPlay is still coming to MacOS. There are no new features or anything, just the same streaming tool you have on all other devices, but for Macs.

In short, macOS Monterey is a relatively feature-poor new version of Apple’s operating system. MacOS Monterey is available as a developer beta as of writing. There will be a public beta in July, with the final release set to take place sometime in the fall of 2021.

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