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Vegetarian Christmas? These are the tastiest recipes


Not traditionally from fish, but from vegetables: this ceviche is wonderfully fresh to start your Christmas dinner. The ginger and chili flakes provide the stone and don’t forget to cut out the apple wedges with a (Christmas) shape, because the eye is of course also interested.

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Soup in between? This red-orange carrot soup will pop right off your plate. If your children eat this course, don’t be too generous with the sambal.

leek pie

Not only tasty, but also super handy: you can eat this leek quiche both hot and cold and make it a day in advance. Goodbye Christmas stress.

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Vega Wellington

As soon as you put this whopper with portobello, red onion and spinach on the table, everyone forgets that it should actually contain beef. Here’s how to make this vegetarian wellington.


A delicious side dish, this vegetarian meatloaf. Read here how to make it. And now that the oven is on, make a few puff pastry stars to make it extra festive.

Christmas wreath

This wreath is actually too beautiful to eat. But bet you can’t resist once it comes out of the oven? Thanks to the scent of mushrooms, rosemary and truffle. Here you will find the recipe.

Choco clafoutis

Sounds like a complicated dessert, but it’s really just a kind of warm French pancake. And you and your child won’t say no to that, right? In this recipe, dark chocolate is used with orange: a golden combination.

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