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The calendar of presentations and conferences that will take place in the coming days is being filled with comfort. However, not all organizers have talked yet about what will be part of their events, which literally changes with each passing hour. After the specification from the Summer Game Fest and the presentation of Kickoff Live or Ubisoft Forward, the organizers of the PC Gaming Show come to the fore and it must be admitted that they managed to find the lineup for the second digital year very well. However, among the dozens of companies is Valve – only an occasional participant in E3 and associated events – which should introduce the Steam Next festival in more detail, and who knows, we may see the continuation of the line about a possible handheld, which is speculated about Gabe Newell said over time.

“After the turbulent year 2020, when the usual pile of June gaming events was scattered throughout the calendar, we are restoring balance. From 9 to 15 June, 18 live broadcasts will take place as part of the unified E3, and the PC Gaming Show is exactly in the middle of them, ”attracts PC Gamer, who has been organizing the event for many years. It will take place on June 13 from our point of view at 11.30 pm and, just like last year, we will broadcast it live for you with a Czech commentary. We can expect 90 minutes focused on PC gaming, in which we will see 39 new videos, game announcements and interviews, whether they take place directly on the stage or remotely in the offices and rooms of individual developers. Furthermore, PC Gamer adds a tasting, which we can look forward to, but it is already clear that the performance of some games will overlap with other events, and given the aforementioned concentration of so many broadcasts in such a short time, viewers will probably be beaten.

The report or message from Valve about the Steam Next festival is then mentioned at the very end, which adds to speculation that it could be a surprise at the end, but we prefer to moderate expectations so as not to unnecessarily disappoint.

However, at the PC Gaming Show we will see in action, for example, Dying Light 2, for which the organizers of the presentation promise a longer segment with a more detailed look at the main character Aiden. There will also be news from the Orcs Must Die! Series, we will see new gameplay footage from Hello Neighbor 2, we can also look forward to Humankind, EVE Online, Chivalry 2 and Nvidia will also be missing with details about the new game offer for GeForce Now. The report or message from Valve regarding the Steam Next festival is then mentioned at the very end, which adds to speculation that it could be surprise in the end, but we prefer to moderate expectations so that there is no unnecessary disappointment.

As for the mentioned Valve event, it will be a weekly celebration of the upcoming games, which will start on June 16. Hundreds of demo versions will be available to players, as well as live broadcasts and discussions with the authors of individual titles, but we are not entirely convinced at the moment whether they will all have enough space. The people of Valve have even prepared seven videos on the official website of the event to present at least part of the demo versions, divided by genre, which honestly looks like a good deal and, given the time constraints, it is already certain that we will definitely not play them all. The question is also whether it is an event for independent or smaller studios, or the offer will be supplemented by something exclusive from the preserve of large publishers, but we would not bet on the latter at the moment…

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