Anonymous accuses Elon Musk of “destroying” lives by manipulating BitCoin price

Since a few weeks, Elon musk never miss an opportunity to criticize cryptocurrencies. The billionaire entrepreneur believes that the mining of these virtual currencies has a disastrous environmental cost, a cost that would not be reasonable in the midst of an ecological crisis of global warming. Based on this observation, Elon Musk suspended Tesla’s BitCoin payments… before promoting virtual currency again on his Twitter account.

Musk’s inconsistency with BitCoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) weighed heavily on BitCoin’s price, with the latter trending up or down depending on the moods of Tesla’s CEO. A video published by Anonymous (or a group claiming to be part of this protest movement) denounces nothing less than manipulation of the price of BitCoin based on egotistical reasons: “Over the past few years you have enjoyed one of the most favorable reputations of anyone in the billionaire class because you have tapped into the desire many of us have to live in a world of electric cars and space exploration. Recently, people have started to see you as another wealthy narcissist who is desperate for attention. “

Anonymous further accuses Elon Musk of not having learned enough about the actual consumption of the server farms used for mining and of having literally destroyed the lives of people ruined by the drop in price. For good measure, the first part of the video specifically targets the poor working conditions of Tesla employees or its suppliers.

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