new Chromecast with Google TV possible to the Netherlands

If KPN’s instructions are correct, the new Chromecast with Google TV will come to the Netherlands. The provider gives a signal that this is the case.

KPN opens up about Chromecast

It seems that KPN knows something about the availability of the new Chromecast, before the rest is aware of it. It is about the new Chromecast which is equipped with Google TV. This was previously announced, but is not yet officially for sale in our country. You can, however, purchase it from through gray import.

According to Androidworld, there is now a clear indication that Google plans to release the Chromecast in the Netherlands. A message has been encountered on the KPN forum. It says that KPN’s Android TV app should soon also work on the latest Chromecast Sabrina, as soon as it is officially released in the Netherlands. Sabrina was the codename of the Chromecast before it was announced.

Neither Google nor KPN have further responded to the messages.

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