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update makes your photos even cooler

Google Photos will turn your photos into 3D images thanks to smart software. This way your photos of people and animals will look even cooler. We explain how the feature works and how to use it.

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Google Photos will show 3D photos

A photo is 2D, or flat. Your smartphone can create a depth effect via software or a separate camera to blur the background, but the image remains static. The free Google Photos app will change that.

Advanced software recognizes your best photos and uses calculations to estimate the depth and create a 3D rendering of the picture. This way, the screen zooms in on your photo, creating a 3D effect.

Google Photos automatically creates the 3D images and then shows them at the top of the app in the New highlights album. You decide whether you want to save the edited result. Of course you can also share it, which then happens as a short video.

Google will update the Photos app in the coming weeks, after which the 3D feature will work. So keep an eye on the Play Store.

Improved collages and more memories

The Google Photos app is receiving even more improvements, Google reports. A number of new collage designs were added in early December. You can see two of those designs below, in a photo from Google.

The app can, among other things, make a collage of photos on the same dates from different years, for example of the growth of your child or pet. The app can also make playful collages of holidays or other highlights.

The latest improvement is new memories of your ‘favorite things’. Google is referring to beautiful sunsets and activities that you enjoy, such as cooking or hiking. Good to know: you can also hide memories with a specific person or data, for example because they symbolize a bad time. Follow this short step-by-step plan.

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