opt for size 41, or 45?

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is available to order from Friday. The smartwatch is available in two new sizes: 41 mm and 45 mm. But which size should you choose?

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Apple Watch: choose size 41 or 45?

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2014, the watch has been available in two case sizes. The first three generations were available in 38 and 42 mm. With the Series 4, Apple enlarged the screen: the smartwatch got a variant of 40 and 44 mm.

With the Apple Watch Series 7, the bezel around the screen has become narrower again. Apple’s latest smartwatch comes in 41mm and 45mm. These measurements represent the height of the watch case. The 45mm version has a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels. With the smaller Watch, that is 368 x 448 pixels.

Which Apple Watch size should I choose?

It is important that you choose the right size. A large screen is nice, because everything is just a little more readable and easier to use. But a clock that is too large on a narrow wrist is not a sight – and appearance also plays a major role in smart watches.

Men often opt for the larger version, because the wrists are usually wider. But the largest size can also look better on women, or the smaller one on men. Not sure which one to get? Then grab a tape measure. Hold the ribbon where you would wear the Apple Watch.

In general, a small wrist has a circumference of about 15 to 16 centimeters. If your wrist has a circumference between 17 and 19 centimeters, the larger watch case would probably suit you best. Are you somewhere in between? Then try out the Apple Watch 7 sizes in a store, so that you are sure that you choose the right size.

Try it out with the Apple Store app

Choose Apple Watch size

Are you curious about the size of the Apple Watch? Then view the case size in actual size, in the Apple Store app. This is how you do it:

  1. Open the Apple Store app on your iPhone;
  2. In the ‘Store’ tab, tap ‘Apple Watch’;
  3. Choose the Apple Watch you want to try out;
  4. Under ‘Case size’, tap ‘Which case size suits you best?’

A screen will now appear in which you can see the Apple Watch in full size. But please note: At the time of writing, the Series 7 is not yet available in the Apple Store app. The Apple Watch Series 7 can be pre-ordered from Friday, October 7 (2:00 pm), and then you can compare the sizes 41 mm and 45 mm in the app. Now you can virtually put the different versions of the Series 6 side by side, which are almost the same size as the Series 7.

More about the Apple Watch Series 7

Want to know more about Apple’s latest smartwatch? Then view the file about the Apple Watch Series 7. Or view the article Apple Watch Series 7 vs Series 6: what are the differences? to know what has changed.

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