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Unavowed – Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Away With Hell

Do not be mistaken with the introductory words about Mass Effect and Dragon Age – we’re looking at a point-and-click adventure with a slow pace that’s spent in expositions and interviews, so you do not enjoy Hollywood action. No renegade Shepard thumping reporters for juniors or throwing defenseless guards out of a skyscraper window.

But it does not matter at all, because the story background here is extremely solid. The basic premise is simple. Since ancient times, our world has sheltered the mysterious boxes of demoniac warriors who are destroying invaders from other worlds, and thus overwhelmingly keeping human civilization running. And as it happens, you, the main hero, will become one of them.

This begins with a long storytelling full of detective investigation, horror moments, supernatural power battles, strange hallucinations and storytelling, which can be really unexpected and deserving. You will often be surprised, but the story does not pull the story down from the butt – always builds it carefully with hints, traces, and minor puffs


What can change the nature of a man

It’s a really great story that takes you across modern New York. You look into the decayed cellars where the cult of the desperate has settled. You will find yourself in an overgrown park, which dominates the tremendously powerful and immensely submerged subterranean. Your office will not be investigated by a luxury skyscraper in the city center.

Everywhere you find traces. On the traces of violence, suffering, lies and deceit, the traces of an unbelievably powerful demon, with which the hunters have not had the honor for generations. And at the same time, you yourself. It is your body that the demon once possessed, and before he was taken out of his control, he did terrible sins

He did them, but people of course give a little blame to you. What if not all cruelty, murder, psychological abuse of the coarsest grain has been done by your body. What about being told by someone else? It is not possible to wash blood from your hands

More than comparing to Mass Effecte, which we are going to get in a moment, here comes to mind Planescape: Torment. You try to forgive something that you may not have done altogether, but the other characters will eat it anyway. Especially when other dubious decisions and choices between greater or lesser evil are done by yourself as members of an elite anti-demonic attack

When two do the same, it’s not the same

The rest of the team are different strange individuals, one or the other, affected by the supernatural. There is the fiery mage Eli, Jinya’s daughter and deadly swordsman Mandan, the Logan medium with her affiliated maze KayKay and finally the tough cop Vicki. And they are the main reason why you will not forget about this game

You can take up to two paratroopers at a time, along with BioWare games. Not that it makes much sense because it would be better to go into a dangerous situation with a full team, but we tolerated it to Shepard, we will tolerate the demons.

It is important that the whole mission changes fundamentally depending on who you take with you. If you investigate a murder and you have a Logan who can talk with spirits, you can avoid a whole series of puzzles simply by talking to the soul of the murdered, and that tells you who sent her to that world. But when it comes to fighting, it’s better to have Vicki with a gun or Mandan with a saber, or you’ll have to figure out a more complex and creative way to deal with enemies

The characters you meet in the city can react to you. The muse in the bar will be hostile to you, but if you have your old friend, Mandan, the conversation will take a far more favorable turn. And your partners are talking to you regularly, so in different situations you will see different dialogues and insights into what would be best to do

Title All Editions (19459006)

Badge, whiskey, costume

It can be said without exaggeration that you can go Unavowed twice in a row and play two different games if you always take a different pair. You are also the other toothed wheel yourself, since you choose one of three careers at the beginning – you were either an actor, a bartender or a cop before your unfortunate stay. It affects your ability and how people behave around you

The result is an incredibly changing adventure that is always linear to a particular end, but the path to it can be so different and personalized that it does not even limit your settings. Once in a while there will be a really complex moral decision that you will be tortured in like manner like when Mass Effect laid down the lives of Kaidan and Ashley on the opposite dishes of weight

Mass Effect reminds you of the structure of the game, because after returning from missions you will be back in your safe, secret and mysterious lair, reminiscent of Grimmauld Square 12, where you can talk to your companions, find out more about them and enjoy the deserved peace of mind before you plunge into the belief of another terrible and brutal investigation.

If you did not read between the lines, we’d better warn you straight out – Unavowed is not for kids. They do not really feel really shocking scenes, and although the graphics are a lot stylized and do not ruin you with raw realism, there is something terrifying about cutting the neck and the human limbs, even if you see it all just as a cluster of pixels. Imagination casts scary images rather than reality

Low Riddle Puzzle

Compared to the changing but always excellent story and the band of outstanding characters, all the errors seem to be totally irrelevant. You will be intrigued by questions like “why the hell I own my own team when I’m a newcomer and just joining the organization?” But then you leave the story right before it gets worried

The only really serious problem, especially for those players who use point-and-click adventures, are riddles or their extremely low difficulty. You will probably go through the game without a single mischief and most of the time you will be able to chat with a few people and use one of the two available items in one of two available places

Sometimes you need to do something in the right sequence or be a bit more creative than usual, but if you’re looking for a game that boils your brain a bit, you will not find it here. The obstacles on your way are designed to quickly overcome them and continue to do a great story, which we are appreciating by the way – long mistakes do not show the pace of narration. But keep in mind that you will not mount the rubber duck lace and clothes cords

A little worse is when you come to some solution, and the game will not allow you to do it until it recognizes that the time has come for it. Daddy Mandan, an ancient genie, for example, fought with that malicious dryad. For example, you can read a document and you will know immediately what you need to do. But as long as the duel does not play, the character makes you stupid and you do not have the ability to do what you want, which is somewhat extracting from the otherwise perfect immersion in the atmospheric world

Are you cool, sir

And when we’re in duels, we need to mention the last one. There’s quite a lot of action scenes, even if you never play for speed and you can think about how to solve the situation in the middle of the shootout. Worse, they look like they’re in the local engine … well, just a little nasty. If we wanted to be bad, we’d say it ridiculously

When you ride on a motorboat in front of a demon from the depths, he swims at you at full speed and clears with humor while your characters are standing and looking at him and trying to figure out how to defeat the bad guy, you must involve all imagination , to see a thrilling, frantic chase in front of a strange parody

We love the local artistic style and we can greatly portray frightening scenes. But for some action scenes we said we would not know what to play Unavowed in the perfect graphics of such a Detroit: Become Human

This dream does not meet, but it does not matter. If you like nice stories and you do not feel the logical tortoises that all of us once called The Longest Journey and such frustrating jewels, do not worry at all and become a demon hunter. You will not be disappointed from obsessed New York.

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