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Distribution of Android 11 and One UI 3.0 begins

This week we informed you that the distribution of the system has started Android 11 and superstructures One UI 3.0 for Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones. And now the press agency of the Slovak branch of the company is officially informing about the distribution Samsung.

After the Galaxy S20 smartphones, One UI 3.0 will also see other models

According to a press release, the update with Android 11 and One UI 3 will start today in Korea, USA and in most European markets on the Galaxy S20 series devices (Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra).

In the coming weeks, it will be gradually available in other regions and on several other devices, including the Galaxy Note20, Z Fold2, Z Flip, Note10, Fold and S10 series. Upgrades will be available on Galaxy A devices in the first half of 2021.

The One UI 3 upgrade schedule can also be found in the notifications in the Samsung Members application, which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

The launch of One UI 3 is part of our commitment to offer Galaxy owners the best conditions for using mobile devices by giving them access to the latest OS innovations as they become available. One UI 3 is an integral part of our efforts to constantly create a new, innovative and intuitive user environment for our customers throughout the lifecycle of their devices. When you buy a Galaxy device, you also get the gateway to new, unsuspected future experiences.

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics

The superstructure has undergone a design change to enhance the aesthetic experience of its use

The home screen, lock screen, notifications, and quick panel have an improved design to highlight important information.

New visual effects, such as eclipses / blurs for notifications, should help you quickly focus on what’s most important. Sophisticated widgets, in turn, help keep your home screen organized, clean, and stylish.

Smoother motion effects and animations combined with a natural tactile response will ensure a more pleasant use of the smartphone. The sliders move more smoothly under your fingers, and pressing the buttons looks more realistic.

Switching between devices works more seamlessly, as One UI provides the same environment in the wider Galaxy ecosystem by supporting new features that are easily accessible across devices.

Users will also appreciate the many new features

Sophisticated lock screen widgets help you control your music playback and view important information. For example, you can view calendar events or routine activities without unlocking your device.

Tracking messages and conversations is more intuitive. Communication application notifications are grouped at the top and center, so you can read and respond to them quickly. The ability to stretch the image during a video call adds a more intimate feeling when communicating with loved ones.

The camera application is much more functional in the One UI 3.0 extension. Enhanced zoom features with support for artificial intelligence, autofocus and autoexposure help even inexperienced photographers take quality pictures.

In addition, categorization in the Gallery will help you quickly find the photos you want. When you browse a photo and swipe up on the screen, you’ll see a related group of photos.

To make sure none of these memories are lost, you can restore your edited photos to their original state at any time, even after saving them.

One UI 3.0 is easy to customize

You can start dark mode or mobile hotspot faster by simply swiping and clicking your finger. Sharing pictures, videos or documents is much easier and faster than before.

This is because you can easily pin your most frequently used sharing destinations, such as a contact, messaging app, or email, to your content sharing list.

In addition, in One UI 3.0 you have the option of profiles for your work and private life, thus reducing the risk of accidentally sending something to the wrong person.

You can place widgets on the home screen and adjust the transparency to better match your wallpaper. You can also change the design and color of the clock displayed when turned off (Always On Display) or on the lock screen.

You can even add a video to the screen for incoming / outgoing calls. The new digital well-being application will help you identify and improve your digital habits.

This allows you to quickly see, for example, weekly changes in the time spent browsing the display or usage while driving. This will give you a good idea of ​​how and when you are using your Samsung device.

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