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Twitter on iOS now shows a bookmark counter below tweets

There is already a lot of information under the tweets, namely the number of retweets, quotes and likes. Today, Twitter decided to add a bookmark counter.

Bookmarks allow you to save tweets for quick and easy access anytime. Bookmarks are private and only you see them on your Twitter account. Starting today, Twitter shows the number of times a tweet has been bookmarked. However, it is not possible to know which people did it, unlike retweets and likes.

A question may arise: why this counter? As said before, there are already several data under the tweets, the social network adds one today which is ultimately not very important.

Here is what Twitter says in its tweet announcing the novelty:

We love the bookmarks that save tweets to come back to later. Starting today on iOS, you will now see the total number of times a tweet has been bookmarked in the tweet details. Don’t worry, your bookmarks stay private. We will never show accounts that have bookmarked a tweet.

It’s available now for iOS users. Twitter is not yet saying when the feature will come to Android and the web version.

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