In many fraudulent calls, the Berlin telephone area code 030 is displayed. It’s not always real. We collect the 030 telephone numbers that have become conspicuous for you and explain what is behind the calls.


The area code 030 actually belongs to the city of Berlin, but not every call with such a number really comes from there. Through “call ID spoofing” this area code is displayed to you by a dialing computer, which is often located abroad. Then, of course, these calls are fraudulent. If you get a call and the phone number is 030 at the beginning, you might find it here.

Fraudulent or annoying calls with area code 030

030 number background
03025555450 Fraudsters exert pressure by posing as the lottery company’s dunning department.
030257709946 Trickster with a fake Berlin phone number. Apparently you won a raffle.
03046690010 Harmless number of a market research institute that we have already reported on several times. Your number will be put on a blocked list if you wish.
03092702864 Reputable number of opinion research USUMA GmbH, which belongs to the ADM and will put you on a blacklist if you wish.
030257706712 A gain of money and vacation trips turns out to be a cost trap.
03080098648 Supposedly a survey by the Pharmacists’ Association, ultimately it’s probably about magazine subscriptions.
030499189774 Another number of the market research company Info GmbH. Just get rid of…
030318795033 Fake number, probably calling from abroad. Alleged cash prize, but then you should take out a subscription to get the main prize.
030499189771 Opinion research, changing numbers but serious.
0308453065 Fake number, perpetrator presumably abroad. Want to come with a promised win in account details.
030629333839 An alleged Vodafone customer service is trying to get your access data. The number is fake.
03046690015 & 03046690017 & 03046690014 & 03046690012 Opinion polls by a Berlin market research institute. If you ask on the phone for your number to be deleted, they must comply.
030166385152 Existing Berlin number! Callers play a recorded message: Interpol wants to talk to you about the misuse of your data.
03025545839 Using a fake number, scammers try to get personal data in order to sign new energy contracts in your name.
03025557261 Alleged Vodafone customer service promises a cash prize and wants your Vodafone customer number and password.
030166385100 Alleged “energy advice” wants to get account data and meter numbers in order to foist a new electricity contract on the victims.
030499189706 Call from INFO GmbH market and opinion research – no fraud, but annoying. We also reported on the number 030499189770 and how to get rid of them.
030221838558 Telephone number of the “luca app” with which the TAN for registering the app was transmitted at Corona peak times.
03016637169 Callers operate with stolen or purchased data and know the names of their victims. Want to swindle your bank details with various lies.
03078783118 “trend.test opinion research”: Legal, but often annoying. However, we will comply with the telephone request to delete your number.
03022187165 Fake number of an alleged “ACC energy center” that wants to sell you a new electricity contract.
030214802539 Alleged energy consultants want your account details and meter number in order to foist you with a new electricity contract.

So you block the numbers or the whole 030 area code

It’s not recommended to block all numbers with an 030 area code, although you can. There are enough “useful” 030 phone numbers, such as 03022957920 from the Amazon delivery service, whose calls you want to be sure to receive.

But if you see one of the above numbers in the display, you can block them directly and this is how it works:

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