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Time to trade in your car? In these 3 situations that is sensible

If you decide to trade in your car, the big question is when is the right time to do so? There is no unequivocal answer to this. This depends on your wallet and your budget. One decides to trade in his new car after four years, the other prefers four-year-old cars because the price is then more attractive.

There are some common situations where people decide to trade in their car. In this article you can read which situations these are.

Situation #1: I need a bigger car

Large cars consume more, have a higher road tax, maintenance can be more expensive and the insurance premium is often higher. Do you decide to live with your partner? Or are you expecting a family expansion? Then it is no longer a question of whether you want to buy a larger car, but which one. You can read below what our favorite 5-seater and 7-seater car is.

Favorite 5-seater car: Toyota RAV4

This innovative Toyota, including towbar, is a hybrid car. This means that you use both the electric and the combustion engine. With a combustion of 1 to 17, this hybrid car can certainly be called economical. The electric range is a combined 75 kilometers or 98 kilometers in the city.

Once the destination has been entered into the built-in full map navigation system, you will experience the complete sound spectrum. Interference in your radio is a thing of the past, thanks to the built-in DAB receiver. The system can also be fully controlled via your voice.

Favorite 7-seater car: Renault Espace

This spacious 7-seater car was built in the French Renault factory in Douai. With the Renault Espace, your car has enough space for the whole family. In addition to generous seating, there are also plenty of storage compartments and cupboards. This Espace is also available in the petrol version. The average consumption is 1 liter per 15 kilometers, which can be called economical for a petrol car.

Take advantage of the various smart technologies in this optimal family car, such as the dipped headlights that switch on and off automatically, front seats that have a massage function and are heated, the steering wheel that can be heated and electrically adjustable seats with memory.

Situation #2: I need a smaller car

Small cars are cheaper to run than larger cars. You need to refuel less often, spend less on motor vehicle tax and benefit from cheaper insurance. Maintenance is also generally lower. Have your kids left home? Or are you getting a divorce? Then it may be smart to trade in your car for a smaller model. We have highlighted our favorite smaller 4-seater car for you.

Favorite 4-seater car: Toyota Aygo

The Aygo has been around for many years. A modernization takes place every time, including in 2018. The character of the engine has been optimized, resulting in more pulling power. The modified dashboard and the new available colors also show what Toyota has been working on in 2018.

The Toyota Aygo ranks fourth among the most fuel-efficient compact cars. Despite the fact that this Aygo is not a hybrid variant, it drives economically with 1 liter per 26 kilometers. The comfortable suspension and damping make this an ideal small car for the city, but also on the country roads. In addition to economical driving, this 4-seater car is also very strong. The Aygo has a class 1 alarm (immobilizer), LED daytime running lights, a start-stop system, multimedia preparation and a car phone preparation with Bluetooth.

Situation #3: I expect my car to need servicing

A car that is older usually requires regular maintenance. Then the question arises: When is your vehicle still worth an expensive service and when is it better to trade in your car for another? A difficult question that cannot be answered 1-2-3. You will have to make the decision yourself between purchasing a new (second-hand) car and keeping your current car with the amount of maintenance it needs.

Do you decide to trade in your car and don’t want to be busy with maintenance for the time being? It is mainly the Japanese car brands that require little maintenance. We have listed a number of cars from reliable Japanese brands for you, which usually do not require much maintenance.

Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 has the characteristics of a real Japanese vehicle, thanks to the leading technology and the high degree of reliability. The electronic systems that are incorporated in this Mazda help you to get on the road comfortably. There is an automatically switchable lighting, adjustable steering wheel, on-board computer and a rain sensor.

Toyota C-HR

The hybrid Toyota C-HR not only looks impressive, this Japanese vehicle also drives nicely. When you want to go through a corner, you steer directly and sharply. The handling is also firmer compared to other SUV models, making you feel safe when you are out and about.

The average consumption is 1 liter per 25 kilometers and therefore falls under energy label A.

Don’t want to be faced with unexpected costs? Then you can consider private leasing your new car. With a private lease you pay a fixed amount per month, including, for example, the costs for maintenance. Knowing more?

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