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Although the official unveiling of the new episode of the Battlefield series does not take place until next Wednesday, in recent days and hours, the rate of leaks has intensified and we already know a lot about the game as such. Of course, it’s just speculation and uninitiated developers leaks information, but everything fits together perfectly and the first screenshots, probably coming from a closed test of the game, put the crown on it. These were later followed by cryptic reports directly from the developers and another wave of knowledge – probably again from the test for selected influencers and large media – which suggests, for example, the possible final name of the game, also provides additional information on map sizes, game modes and trailers they are supposed to be preparing us in the coming days.

According to a few hours old thread on Reddit, the information was to appear on the Discord of the insider Tom Henderson, who has been supplying fans with interesting background news in recent months. However, it must be emphasized that it is not the source of the following details, most of which he left uncommented and slightly doubted. It concerns the possible name of the game, which could sound Battlefield 2042, which would be a reminder of Battlefield 2142 and would fulfill the most probable setting in the period of only a slightly distant future. However, Henderson states on his Twitter that although the image depicting the logo of the new Battlefield is to come from the same person who shared the set of images discussed yesterday on the Internet, the metadata is different. “Although it doesn’t prove anything fundamental, I would approach [k téhle informaci] cautiously, ”says Henderson.

As for other information, the Reddit first discusses the weapon modification system – although in the menu, before the match, it may have usual form, players will probably be able to change the individual parts of the weapons during the match. They carry two unused modifications on the battlefield and can change them according to the need or development of the game. Leaker describes, for example, a change of magazine, grip for better grip of the weapon or various types of sights. Of course, this would not be revolutionary, considering that players are used to the system from virtually any battle royal game, but it could offer another interesting tactical layer, especially if we can trust information about the size of maps and the changing course. matches.

Cooperation in a smaller group of well-coordinated comrades should play a big role, at least as far as the game of occupying sectors is concerned.

“Maps are the biggest in Battlefield history,” says the insider confidently, describing that each map is divided into several standard-sized sectors, such as from Battlefield 3. Players will first battle for checkpoints within sectors, and if they are more successful than the enemy, they will start controlling the sector until the end of the game. Specifically, the Arctic map of Shelf is mentioned, which is supposed to resemble a significantly enlarged version of the Damavand Peak map from the aforementioned Battlefield 3. Cooperation in a smaller group of well-coordinated comrades should play a big role, at least as far as the game of occupying sectors is concerned. Of course, there will be more modes, but most likely they are not included in the ongoing closed test, at least for the time being. However, the greatest emphasis is to be placed on the supposed Battlefield 2042 for team play and fulfillment of pre-set plans, so it is no wonder that DICE focused the test on the described game variant. We should also be represented in it of heroes as from Battlefront – although they are called Professional here – who are not very strong, but have two perks that elevate them above the others.

The report on Reddit also indicates that two full-fledged trailers are being prepared, one of which will present the 64v64 mode and underline that the game follows Battlefield 4. Of course, there will also be shots of falling houses – namely the tower in Shanghai. tornado and a launch anchor will be in action. However, Insider notes that at least at the launch of the game, cross-play between old and new consoles will not be available, as this would the previous generation failed. What is striking is that Tom Henderson confirmed the same information on his Twitter and called on those who have an older console or an inadequately equipped computer to start saving. The last snippet is brought by Henderson, who, in collaboration with other avid fans, managed to decode the messages that the selected influencers began to receive. He confirms that the world is probably on the brink of an apocalypse, and the only way to reverse the impending fate is to fight.

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