Stop Wild Landfills |

This application, offered by the Stop Décharges Sauvages association, will allow you to see the location of each unauthorized landfill already reported, to see all the pickups already carried out, to access the records of all the landfills, but also to transmit new reports. .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

More than 220 reports distributed throughout the territory have already been made.

Operation when sending a report:
– Attach a photo from the application.
– Characterize the uncontrolled landfill by specifying its estimated volume and the types of waste present (Plastic, Gravas, Wood, Concrete, Metal, Green waste, Glass, Tires, Household waste, Clothing, Household appliances, Waste or hazardous products, …) .

The association will take care of implementing all the new illegal dumps that will be proven (if possible with a supporting photo) and will send the contact details to town halls and public services in order to have them cleaned.

If you participate in citizen cleanups, do not hesitate to send your photos of site pickups through the application. This will show that it is possible to do good deeds and that it is possible to clean up the planet!

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