Counter-Strike gets rid of -apkrig shoes in competitive modes

For many years, a player who leaves an online competitive match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for any reason will receive a shoe replacement. He can’t do much on his own, and the weakened team stands with a bit of exaggeration the greatest effort to order the shoe to stay at the spawn. But the moment someone dies, Eugen, Cecil or Yuri starts fearlessly into a duel controlled by a man who has been given a second chance. None of this has been true since yesterday’s patch for CS: GO, when the developers from Valve decided to remove this mechanism from the game. At least for now, it’s about classic competitive wrestling and the Wingman regime.

“If a player disconnects or is fired, he will no longer be replaced by a shoe. If the whole team leaves the match, one shoe will remain on its spawn, “is the key information from the notes to yesterday’s patch. Surprised players, however, express misunderstandings in comments on social networks and do not welcome the dramatic change very positively. They mention that the bots were a tool that was supposed to take care of at least partial balancing of forces in the event of a weakening of the team by one or more players, and suggest that the complete removal of the mechanism will significantly affect the course of matches. Sure, some might argue that the system could be misused to some extent unreasonable expulsion of a player from the team, but in reality such cases do not occur very often. Bot has always been a welcome help not only in a situation where someone on the team has lost their connection, but especially in moments when the player who spoiled the match received the kick. Now, however, teams will have to face relatively significant obstacles in the event of similar problems, especially during the attack.

Instead of an unexpected interference with the functioning of the age-old function, the players mention that they did not want anything like that and the only thing they would welcome is at least partial control over the shoes. As indicated above, the command to stay in position does not work very well, and it often happens that a shoe without fear and shame runs right into the enemy’s arms. The economic part was also problematic, where shoes either accumulate money or buy inappropriate weapons, which they can not share with other players if necessary. Players would welcome all this much more than the described change, but Valve is no longer reacting to yesterday’s patch.

However, they are not just boots, the pinging system has also been modified, which now does not include the possibility to mark a weapon lying on the ground for its teammates. Even in this case, the reason that led to the modification of the system is not known, but players speculate that it is again due to the possibility of abuse. If the marked weapon is picked up by the enemy, the ping disappears and there is a clear indication that someone is in the circle around it, but even players do not welcome this decision with enthusiasm. During real matches, such situations do not occur very often and the pinging of weapons was important until the end, so that the whole team does not have to shout at the last survivor, where exactly lies the AWP or other more expensive weapon.

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