This is why the iPhone 13 is out of stock

Unfortunately, Apple also suffers from production problems with the iPhone 13, which means that the phone is less in stock than hoped.

If you build something that contains a chip or processor, sooner or later you will have to deal with production problems. That sounds like an odd assumption and something that the greatest of the greats can easily avoid, but it really is true. Even Apple is affected by it. Previously, it seemed to be a price increase for the iPhone 14 to compensate for production, but now the stock of the iPhone 13 is already under fire.

Less iPhone 13

The global chip shortage has gripped two major suppliers for Apple: Texas Instruments, which provides a vital element for the OLED screen, and Broadcom, which provides wireless components. That’s what Apple insiders tell Bloomberg. Forecasts already said that this will limit the stock of the iPhone 13 and they are right about that.


Because you already notice those limited stocks. If you order an iPhone 13 (Pro) now, you can’t buy from stock at the Apple Store. Your phone will be there by November 18. Well, waiting a month doesn’t make a huge difference, but quickly fishing a new iPhone from the stock is not one of them. According to Apple insiders, the company plans to cut production by about 10 million units, which is subtracted from the target of 90 million they planned to build from September through December. For Apple, it is ‘crucial’ that phones ordered now are delivered by November, because of the holidays.

Other products

It’s not just the iPhone 13 that suffers from low inventory. The Watch Series 7 and the new iPads are also experiencing delivery problems due to the parts shortage. You can already see it happening in the Netherlands: at Coolblue, for example, the stock of the iPhone 13 is already scarce, at MediaMarkt everything is sold out (online). Please wait!

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