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Spotify: You can also set your own playlist cover photo from your mobile phone

This week, Spotify added a feature to its mobile app that was previously only available in the PC version of the app. It’s about the ability to set your own images as the cover photo of playlists. The Engadget portal informed about the news.

The feature is available whether or not you have a Spotify Premium subscription. It is also available for Android users and iOS device users. She should arrive in the coming days.

Starting today, all Spotify users will be able to upload their own photos and captions to their playlists – using their phones. Until recently, this very popular feature was only available on a computer. Now, all Spotify users (not just premium users) can upload their own images from their Android or iOS devices and set them as cover photos of their playlists.

Change the cover photo directly in the Spotify application

To replace the playlist cover photo with your own, simply open the playlist, tap the three dots, and tap “Edit playlist.” Below the automatically generated cover photo, you will see a “Change image” button. Below this button is also the “Add description” button, with which you can add your own description to the playlist.

You can also add podcast episodes to playlists and then easily share them with friends. If you don’t have an idea for a Christmas present for one of your loved ones yet, you can please it with a personalized playlist.

Our tip

Spotify has prepared a story function for us. Do you already have stories?

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