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‘This is why families always have to wait for the mother when they go out’

“I used to think, why is my mom always the last one to leave?” Emily says. For a while I thought it was because it took her the longest to get ready. She probably didn’t want to take to the streets without lip gloss or with a messy haircut, even though at the same time I couldn’t imagine why that would be so important to her. ”

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But she also remembers many times when her mother still had to arrange everything. While everyone in the family was already outside, she still had to pack picnic lunches or make sure the bathroom lights were out. Or just pack some extra clothes for us to be on the safe side. ‘

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On the last place

Recently, Emily had her first child. “And only now do I understand my mother,” she says. She wasn’t lazy or disorganized or slow at all. Or overly concerned with her appearance. She was always last, because she was taking care of everything and everyone – before she thought about herself. ‘

Emily admits that it is exactly the same at her home now. ‘And you know? That’s fine. Because taking care of others is exactly what mothers do, right? ‘

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