WhatsApp continues to innovate with this application

The WhatsApp messaging service takes another step to make applications even more usable and continues to innovate.

Last week there was a malfunction with WhatsApp, among others. Many people then found out how much we use the service to send messages. Precisely because you couldn’t do it during this outage. Anyway, the company is now sharpening a feature that makes it even better.

WhatsApp continues to innovate with application

Following the news about the ability to listen to voice messages worldwide within WhatsApp, WhatsApp is now working on more voice memo features on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. A team within the company is working on improving and coming up with features. And those improvements are coming. These are mainly aimed at voice messages. Some people love voice messages, other people hate it. Young people in particular make extensive use of these types of messages.

The latest news is that WhatsApp is working on the ability to pause voice messages while recording, for a future update. This feature is very useful because you don’t have to stop and record a new one.

The demo video explains it well: after you stop recording the voice message, you can find another record button: if you tap it, you can resume recording the voice note. Which is a welcome addition.

This feature was spotted in code while developing WhatsApp for iOS, but it’s also in WhatsApp beta for Android. It will apparently be available soon for all platforms.

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