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This is the most popular Mac (and it’s not the cheapest)

Always wanted to know what the most popular Mac is? We give you the answer to this question! Read here which Mac sold best.

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CIRP is investigating Mac

Last year, Apple introduced a new MacBook Air. Apple is also expected to launch a number of new Mac models this year. But which Mac is actually the most popular right now? The CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) answers that question.

Michael Levin and Josh Lowitz researched Mac sales and are finally sharing the results of their research. How do the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro fare? And will the Mac Studio be sold? We put the results together for you.

This Mac is the most popular of them all

It is to be expected that the cheapest Mac is also the most popular Mac of the whole range. Nothing could be further from the truth: not the MacBook Air, but the MacBook Pro is Apple’s most popular Mac product. The MacBook Pro makes up as much as 40 percent of all Mac models sold. The MacBook Air follows in second place with 34 percent.

Of all MacBooks sold, 54 percent were MacBook Pros and 46 percent were MacBook Airs. It is therefore striking that in general the price is less important than the technical aspects when buying a MacBook. People are still willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets for a MacBook Pro.

Mac Pro and iMac: popular or not?

The remaining models make up only a quarter of total Mac sales. Of all Macs sold, 13 percent are iMacs and 11 percent are Mac Pros. The Mac mini and Mac Studio each make up just 1 percent of total Mac sales. Apple must therefore mainly rely on the sale of MacBooks and the iMac.

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These results are not very surprising: the target group of the (very expensive) Mac Studio is quite small, so it makes sense that the product is not sold much. The Mac mini is supposed to be the affordable alternative, but there’s apparently not much demand for it either.


Which Macs are we expecting this year?

In all likelihood, 2023 will not be a very exciting year for Apple – except for the release of Apple Reality. Similarly, we do not expect major updates to the Macs. What we do expect is that Apple will release a new Mac Pro in 2023.

Last year there were rumors that a new Mac Pro would be introduced. However, the long-awaited update did not materialize, so it is inevitable that the new Mac Pro will be released this year. Especially since Apple previously confirmed that it is working on a new Mac Pro. Can’t wait for the new Mac? Then check out the best prices for the current Mac models:

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