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There will be no new HomePod mini (so you can buy it now)

There will be no new HomePod mini (so you can buy it now)

According to rumors, Apple is not currently working on a new HomePod mini. So you don’t have to wait for a new version of the Apple speaker and you can buy it now with confidence.

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No new HomePod mini on the way

Usually reliable Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman says in his latest newsletter that Apple currently has no plans for a new version of the HomePod mini.

After the release of the HomePod 2023, many users thought that Apple was also going to announce a new version of the small speaker. According to Gurman, you don’t have to be afraid of that. The HomePod 2023 doesn’t introduce any major new features that the HomePod mini doesn’t. So it would be strange to introduce a new mini.

He also says that it would be nice if there were ever other colors and the price of the mini would go down a bit. Improvements in sound and microphones would also be a welcome addition. But to release a new HomePod mini, major changes must first be planned.

For the first time officially in the Netherlands since 2020

The HomePod mini was announced by Apple in October 2020 during the iPhone 12 event. It was the first HomePod to be officially released in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the original HomePod was never officially released here. You were then designated to import it yourself.

HomePod 2023

HomePod 2023 inherits many features from the mini

The HomePod 2023 inherits many functions from its little brother, such as a version of the S chip that you also find in the Apple Watch. The difference? The HomePod mini has an S5 chip, the HomePod 2023 an S7 chip. In addition, it also has the mini’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip for detecting nearby devices. Both also have a sensor for temperature and humidity.

Buy HomePod mini

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