this is how you turn the 4G successor on or off

The iPhone 12 is the first Apple phone that can handle 5G. You can choose whether you want to work with the successor to 4G. In this article, we explain how to enable / disable 5G on an iPhone and provide solutions to common problems.

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Activating 5G on iPhone: this is how it works

Before that, we consider the conditions. You need three things to activate the new network technology. First, you must have a suitable Apple phone. For the time being, only the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can handle 5G. Do you have an older iPhone? Then 5G will not work.

You must also have a mobile 5G subscription. These are now available from all major providers (KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Tele2). Some telephone companies do charge a monthly fee for this. Finally, you need to be in an area where the 5G network is already available. The successor to 4G does not yet have national coverage, so be sure to check the coverage map of your provider.

  1. Grab your iPhone 12 and open the Settings app;
  2. Tap on “Mobile network”, choose “Mobile data options” then “Calls and data”;
  3. Indicate here whether 5G should always, sometimes or never be switched on.

Do you use two SIM cards on your iPhone? Then first choose the number for which you want to adjust the 5G settings in the Mobile network heading.

This is what the options mean:

  • 5G on: When a 5G network is available, your iPhone always selects it. This may reduce the usage time of your battery.
  • 5G automatic: Your iPhone determines by itself which network it connects to. If the 5G signal is not much faster than the 4G signal, he chooses the latter. After all, it takes more power to use the internet via 5G and therefore your battery will drain faster. The iPhone therefore makes the trade-off that it is more efficient to connect to 4G.
  • LTE: If you choose this option, your iPhone will always connect via 4G, even when a good 5G signal is available.

When 5G doesn’t work on your iPhone: 3 tips

Does not it work? First check whether you are in an area where the 5G network has already been rolled out. This is by no means the case for the whole of the Netherlands. Especially outside the cities and Randstad, 5G is by no means available everywhere. In addition, the coverage area differs per provider.

Still not able to use 5G on your iPhone? Then go to the Settings app of your device and tap on “Mobile network”. Do you see the heading “Mobile data options” here? Then 5G is activated on your iPhone. If you do not see this screen, it is best to contact your provider. It is possible that 5G has not yet been activated for your subscription.

Finally, it can help to briefly turn on airplane mode, and then turn it off again. As a result, your device will cut off all mobile connections for a short time to restart everything again. So this option works as a kind of reset.

Everything about 5G

The whole month of March stands iPhoned in the sign of 5G. We will dive into the advantages of the new network technology, explain in the 5G dictionary what all those difficult terms actually mean and look ahead to 6G. We also indicate why it is / is not wise to take out a 5G subscription in 2021.

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