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The government often sends out an NL Alert as a test, so that every Dutch person can check whether his or her telephone is set up correctly. On Monday 7 June 2021 a new control message is sent. In this article you can read whether your NL Alert iPhone settings are correct.

EN Alert iPhone setup

Most telephones are set to receive NL Alerts by default. Since iOS 12.2, iPhones are also automatically set up for NL Alert. However, it does not hurt to check whether this is also the case with your iPhone. To set up the government notification, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app;
  2. Go to ‘Notifications’;
  3. Swipe all the way down until you get to ‘Emergency notifications’ (see screenshot on the right);
  4. Tap the slider if it’s not green.

What is an NL Alert?

The NL Alert was created to inform people if there is an emergency situation in the area. The government can use these notifications to reach people and provide information. You will also find out what to do via NL Alerts. The notification only ends up on smartphones in the immediate vicinity of the emergency. The government uses transmission towers from providers for this.

The technique works on the basis of cell broadcast, which can be compared to a radio signal. Even if the network is overloaded, you will receive an NL Alert. These reports are free, anonymous and since the fall of 2015 have been working not only on 2G and 3G networks, but also over 4G.

An NL Alert is not just issued, but only used in life and health-threatening situations. Think of a major fire, attack or storm. On Monday 7 June the government sends out an NL Alert control message at 12 noon. This serves as a test for people who want to check if their mobile is set up correctly.

Set NL Alert on Android

If you don’t have an iPhone but an Android device, setting it up is easy, but how you do that differs per device. That is why the Dutch government has put the NL Alert setting aid online.

Users can view how to set up the notification by manufacturer and type of phone. Via the link below you will end up at sister site Android Planetwhere everything is neatly explained.

→ Read more about setting NL Alert on Android on this page

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