This is how you celebrate (corona proof) Sinterklaas this year

Invite window visitors

Flashback to the first corona wave, when we all sat in front of the window after a birth. Now you just do that with Pakjesavond – provided it is not too cold.

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Make it a cozy place with garden chairs, blankets and a cup of hot chocolate. This way, the family can still enjoy those happy faces of your children.

Via your tablet

Digital is also possible, of course, because in recent months we could not do without that tablet anyway. Grandma and grandpa are also present via a video call and you can read the poems of Saint and Piet to each other.

Even better: make a pass on surprise before the party. Put a surprise in a decorated box and give it to grandpa and grandma so that they have to put a present with it. They will send it on to other family members and eventually your child can open the surprise – on screen – on Pakjesavond. Fun guaranteed.

Organize a drive-thru

Many families already did it with birthdays: organizing a drive-thru. This is of course just as much fun with Pakjesavond. As soon as Sinterklaas has put the bag in front of your door, all friends and family members can take turns driving past to pick up their presents. Just turn off the engine to hear the poems.

Go Skype with Saint

Do your kids still believe in the great party? Then make sure you can establish a Skype connection with the Grote Pietenhuis. Very simple: you ask Grandpa to dress up as Sinterklaas and the fun can begin.

Use the Post-Piet

Always a good idea: use the Post-Piet (tip: do that on time, because it is quite busy) and send a gift. Of course, grandpa and grandma may only open on the evening itself.

Play for Saint yourself

Have all packages been unpacked? Then put your child in the shoes of Saint Nicholas and knock on the door of family and friends who live nearby. Put a surprise on the sidewalk, such as a Saint Nicholas craft, and get out of here. You bet that also all children who no longer believe in the old gentleman, find this very exciting.

Organize a parcel scavenger hunt

Not outside, but just at home. You hide the packages in different rooms and don’t forget the garage or shed, if you have one. Perhaps the parcel treasure hunt will be such a success that it will be repeated next year.

Source: Kidsproof

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