This Christmas tree fits neatly in your home office (and you can win it)

That’s what the designer of Tiny Trees has come up with: a needle-free Christmas tree that you can hang on your wall without too much hassle. And the beauty? We may give away three copies.

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The Tiny Trees are Christmas trees on fabric to hang on your wall. Beautiful, handy and including sophisticated LED Christmas lights; to give some light and cosiness even on the darkest days. Because they hang against the wall, they hardly take up any space – ideal now that we can make good use of that space during the ‘1.5 meter Christmas’.

Extra nice: the footprint that the Tiny Trees leaves behind is a lot smaller than that of a real Christmas tree, because it is not brought from abroad by heavy freight traffic and will last for years.

To win

Do you want to have a chance to win such a cozy tree on your wall? Fill in the win form below.

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